diversity, equity, & inclusion

mindfully moving forward

Like our movement and meditation practices, we know that the work is never finished and requires a lifelong commitment. We are committed to engaging in and holding space for difficult conversations with our community and employees, and to learn from our mistakes and take action to ensure they are not repeated. It is through these commitments that we can keep moving forward, mindfully.

b, halfmoon — a heartfelt evolution. a new chapter in this long inspired story of connection, truth, impact and wellness. this chapter represents refreshed energies, inspirations and products curated for our community and inspired by nature. we cannot wait to share and journey together with you.

- Andrea, Founder

our action plan

Detailed below is our ever-evolving DEI Action Plan, which provides us with a road map to stay engaged in this work and our commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives. We are inspired to connect with our hearts, the hearts of others, and the hearts of movements that are committed to long-term cultural change.

continually redefine diversity, equity, and inclusion for our team

We have an established Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce that meets monthly, with members of our leadership team and an open invite to any team members at any given time. We publish the results of our Diversity Audit annually, and we will continue to leverage external advisors who offer insights, feedback, and ideas to further our overarching corporate commitment to continuous improvement.

offer company-wide training & resources

We are committed to offering ongoing training & resources for our team. For example, in June 2022, we hosted a company-wide critical self-study workshop with an external consultant to draw awareness to our inherent biases. In October 2021, our team participated in company-wide training on Indigenous History in Canada, and learned ways to move forward with greater awareness and allyship. In November 2020, members of our Senior Leadership Team and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce participated in a multi-module, anti-racism course to better be able to support the needs of our team and the needs of our community. In October 2020, our team participated in company-wide training on anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, and intersectionality.

strengthen our respect in the workplace policies

We continually monitor and update our Respect in the Workplace Policy to ensure there are clear zero-tolerance guidelines around racism, bigotry, micro-aggressions, and xenophobia. All new employees are required to read and sign off on our policies.

update our recruitment, training and employee growth processes

Our annual employee engagement survey includes a section on inclusivity and diversity. We also have an expanded recruitment process with dedicated support for hiring managers via our People & Culture department. Our company values reinforce our commitment to wellbeing for all, connection, impact, and integrity.

commit to monetary donations and a long-term giving platform

We have supported the following organizations thus far: The Loveland Foundation, Get Fresh Daily, Naaya Wellness, New Leaf Foundation, Black Lives Matter - Toronto, Black Lives Matter - Vancouver, Kendra Coupland, Pura Vida Yoga Center - Student Scholarship, Prison Yoga Project, Water First, Indigenous Perspectives Society, Black Immigrant Collective, Therapy for Black Girls, Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund, Melanin Moves, Matriarch Movement, The Trevor Project, Mamas for Mamas, Cause We Care, Girls Who Code, and Yoga Outreach Society. In order to facilitate further donations, we are building out a giving platform dedicated to ensuring that wellness practices are safe, accessible, and inclusive in communities everywhere. Since this plan was developed in 2020, we've donated over $30,000 to various organizations.

evaluate product and seasonal storytelling

We continually perform Product Marketing Audits to ensure the positioning and communication of our products is culturally respectful and relevant.

amplify marginalized voices in the wellness space

We will continue to leverage our platforms to amplify the experiences of community members in the yoga and wellness space. As we continue to build out meaningful and impactful content, we are committed to showcasing our diverse wellness community through fresh photography and seasonal campaigns. Our Ambassador Program has a holistic approach to amplifying voices in wellness. We will expand beyond the practice of yoga and share the work, stories, inspiration, and voices of various communities across the globe. We are committed to onboarding ambassadors who are a driving force behind change in the wellness space, who are using their platforms and voices to support the healing of underrepresented communities.This is just the beginning. We continue to learn, grow, and support to the best of our collective abilities. We truly value your feedback and ideas and stand beside you in solidarity around this movement.If you are interested in sharing feedback, suggestions or resources please email: diversity@mindfulcollective.co. Please note, we have zero tolerance for bigotry, xenophobia, and racist comments. We thank you for joining us in our commitment and look forward to creating change alongside you.

our diversity audit

These are the results from last year, June 2023.

15 languages spoken
















level of seniority

gender identity


sexual orientation

race / ethnic identity



feel their manager is receptive to feedback and feel comfortable approaching them when they have a problem


believe their individual values and ideas are respected


believe the leadership team values diversity and inclusion


believe they were hired to work at the company because of their skills and not because of their race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or gender