wet grip towel

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super grip
highly absorbent
compact size

Supporting you in strength and stability one towel at a time.

As you enter your next class, workout, or flow session, have confidence in knowing that your feet and hands will remain firmly planted where they are placed. The wet grip mat towel is the ultimate hot yoga towel as it absorbs sweat and creates a grippy surface when laid overtop your mat, in any temperature room.

Perfectly sized to fit over your yoga or workout mat, we recommend moistening the towel before you begin to practice for the most optimal grip. Post class, or post wash, you'll be impressed by the quick drying ability of this super soft and functional accessory.

Flow proud. Move confidently. We've got you.

0.1" x 26.5" x 72"
Machine wash warm and hang to dry.

Wash twice before using.