Embodying Gratitude with Jessica Screeton

embodying gratitude with jessica screeton

Taelor Gray | Oct 09, 2019 | minute read

The holidays can be a busy time with all of the added social gatherings, meals and changes in routine. Here are a few simple ways to give love and thanks to yourself and others this season and help avoid burnout.


It all begins with the Self. Practicing being kind, loving and accepting of yourself has a profound impact on everything in your life. Many of us are quick to dismiss the importance of showing ourselves the same TLC we offer others. I love to start a timer for a few minutes in the morning for meditation. Taking a nap, a bath, lighting a candle, cooking a meal, having a fire with my husband, going for a walk with my son, taking a Kundalini yoga class, catching up with friends, having deep, meaningful conversations are some of my go-to’s to recharge and replenish. You’ll know what self-care feels nourishing to you! Your body will thank you and you will be able to show up better for yourself and others as a result.


Big or small, an act of kindness is such a quick way to positively shift the energy in a situation. When you give with zero expectations, something magical happens. First, you significantly raise the vibration around you with your intention of service and love. Second, it feels really good to pay it forward. Tune into how you feel after performing a simple act of kindness—it’s a win, win!

The simplest way to find an opportunity to pay it forward is to slow down and be in the present moment. In that space, you can clearly see where your kindness is needed.


Take a look around at all of the abundance in your life. For starters, you are inherently beautiful vessel as a human being. The relationships in your life, the things that light you up, the love that you give and receive, a roof over your head, the food in your belly, and the list goes on. Expressing gratitude in a journal, in your head or out loud are all ways that you can affirm something. This affirms what you already have and will actually end up attracting and inviting more abundance into your life as a result. My favourite way to start the day is by saying “Thank you for the gift of another day. Today is going to be an amazing day!”.

Jessica Screeton is a spiritual mentor and psychic medium who runs a mentorship program specializing in helping people align with their soul's purpose. Jess is passionate about teaching basic spiritual practices, intuitive development and giving step-by-step tools to manifest one's dream life. She lives just outside of Vancouver, BC with her husband, Phill, and their son, River. When she's not serving clients, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking a kundalini yoga class + creating. You can find Jessica on instagram (@jessicascreeton) or on her website (www.jessicascreeton.com).

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