the truth series: sabrina

the truth series: sabrina

Andrea Morris | Oct 03, 2023 | minute read

Our b, halfmoon manifesto

Nature is truth. It grounds, inspires, and guides us.
With each day, the rising and setting sun and moon
bring new freedom, growth, and light.

Let nature inspire you to #liveyourtruth.

Sabrina is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the founder behind all is well, a lifestyle wellness brand. Through her Tulsi Tea Collection and wellness education, she creates space for community rooted in exploration, discovery and dialogue.  

Our founder, Andrea, connected with Sabrina to discover what her truth is. 

Andrea: Hi, Sabrina. Nice to meet with you. 

Sabrina: Thank you. I  already want to start to cry. Thank you for reciting that. 

Andrea: My pleasure. I can tell, obviously, if you're on the verge of tears, that the manifesto speaks to you in some way. What aspect of it speaks to you the most and resonates the most?

Sabrina: I would say that for me, it's the cycle of life. The first word that came to mind was rebirth when hearing you recite it and reading it myself. We're all connected and there's magic every time we wake up in the morning, when we go to sleep at nighttime and the fact that we do it all over again. Everything is interconnected between nature, between all of us and everything that we do.

Andrea: Very beautiful, very true. And I sense that you're lit up by that and a big element of our manifesto is that life can be hard, growth and seeking new opportunities can be hard, but also every day brings new light and life is so beautiful even in the challenging moments.

Sabrina: It's something I've learned a lot about this past couple of years, so yes. 

Andrea: And you are rising. 

We also speak to the element of nature being unable to lie and nature being truth. And that’s really driven our mantra in supporting people to live their truth. Do you feel that you live your truth and do you feel that you have certain rituals or practices that support you in living your truth?

Sabrina: If you had asked me that question, maybe four or five years ago, I probably at the time would have said yes. But looking back, I don't believe that I did live my truth.

As I've started a lot of self discovery and learning about who I am and really coming home to myself and my authentic self, I have learned to lean into my truth. So, yes, now I do, and I think that's a practice every single day, not allowing outside circumstances and people and things and all the doing to interfere with that.

Andrea: Doing interfering with being, which is how we're conditioned. 

Sabrina: And I think about as a parent, what we do with our kids. We want them to be a part of all of these incredible activities and learnings and we want them to soak up as much as they can and we're driving them around everywhere every day and we’ve got to do this, got to do this, got to rush.

We are conditioned from a very young age that we are doing, we are doers, not be-ers.

Andrea: Some of the things that inspire me the most when I envision my kids are moments of them sitting in nature, reading a book. They can't really read yet, but goals, you know, just those simple moments.

Sabrina: Just being and just looking. And the wonderment that they experience in those moments is truth to me.

Andrea: Yes. It's so pure. And I believe as adults we can have those moments of wonderment. They're harder to come by, but they're there and when they're there they're… magic.

Sabrina: They definitely are. And I think one of the prompts that had come in relation to this conversation was about seeing light. It's being open to it and being open to the wonderment, right? It's not that we need to look for it. It's there. Right?

Andrea: Yes. Absolutely. Such a good point. Are there rituals that support you in your journey, in your quest to see the light? To grow, to be as true to you as you know how to?

Sabrina: There are a few. 

One of them is water. I will always say that water is a critical piece to our everyday and our well being. I think nurturing ourselves with water is such a profound way of self care. 

And the next one is movement, which I don't believe needs to be a certain way. I think it's just moving, however that feels right. I've started to lean into a lot more outdoor movement, nature, walking, hiking. I still love the gym and that practice, but I think movement in any way. 

There's one more, which is my skincare routine.

At night time, I love to wash my face and put skin care on. I think it's one of those luxurious special things that I can do for myself every day that makes me feel incredible. Pairing that with a hot cup of Tulsi tea feels perfect at the end of the day.

Andrea: I'm leaning into both of those two things.

The evening self care ritual, the facial ritual. It’s growing on me, big time. And let the record be told, Sabrina introduced me to the profound healing benefits of tea three years ago and she said, “Tea will change your life,” and I rolled my eyes. 

Sabrina: You did. 

Andrea: I did. Truth. And three years later I can say that you were right. And specifically, Tulsi tea, which you introduced me to, and since then you've developed your brand all is well and created these beautiful blends called the Tulsi Tea Collection. And I think you said it's the yoga tea? 

Sabrina: Yes. So in relation to Ayurveda, they have a yoga community or yoga communities have coined it liquid yoga. Because of its profound ability to support our physical state and our mental state.

Andrea:  Incredible.

So I'm a convert and it's a beautiful element of ritual for pausing and healing and reconnecting and so many other wonderful things. And I love the simplicity too, of the ritual, as you stated, like water. We take that for granted in our world, but it's so fundamental.

Sabrina:  We do take it for granted. I hadn't thought about it that way. And just turning on the tap or going to the store and buying a bottle.

Andrea: And likewise sleep. I mean, I don't take sleep for granted because I'm a mom, but it's simple. We always sleep. We've slept our whole lives, but it's such a simple yet fundamental element of our wellness routine.

You mentioned Ayurveda. Do you have an Ayurvedic practice? 

Sabrina: I hadn't sought out an Ayurvedic practice. I would actually say rather, an Ayurvedic practice found me through Tulsi and Tulsi changed my life many, many, many years ago, prior to starting all is well and the Tulsi Tea Collection.

So yes, it found me. And I think it's that simple. Practice has changed the way that I move through my day. It changes the way that I see the world. It changes the way that I feel. So Ayurveda found me through Tulsi.

Andrea: That's funny because I always say yoga found me, I didn't find yoga.

Yoga found me and it was a profound change in me 20 years ago. What about oils?

Sabrina: One of my closest friends is very knowledgeable on oils, and so as the days go by, she teaches and instills all of her wisdom. I've always felt called to use oils and explore them. I have yet to find that true passion where I want to learn and dive deeper into understanding them.

And all this to say that I love them and I'll use them when they are gifted or when they find themselves in my possession.  I think that they're incredibly powerful to support us in many ways. I just have yet to find my way to use them in a ritual. 

Andrea: Is there anything else that you feel called to speak to?

Sabrina: Just nature and being in nature.

Andrea: Tell me what role has nature played in your life to date?

Sabrina: I think that nature has changed my life.

Andrea: Pretty damn profound.

Sabrina: I think intuitively over the years, I've been called over to be in nature more. And  who I have found in nature is who I am. And that's taking away the city, that's taking away what I've been told about myself, the stories that I've made up about myself. In nature, I've found myself.

I've come home to myself in moments that nature's provided me. 

Andrea: That's beautiful. Thank you.

Yeah, it feels like nature is everything.

Sabrina: Yeah. Being in it is everything for sure, I would say. It is everything. And I think taking the time to be in it and to be. To take it in and absorb what it's telling us and what it's just providing us, is so incredible. I feel so privileged and so honored to be able to be in spaces that provide that magic and that wonderment. 

Andrea:  That's beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Thanks, Sabrina.

Follow Sabrina (@sabrinavirdee) and her lifestyle brand (@helloalliswell) as she encourages her community to approach wellness as a journey, rather than a destination. We hope you were moved to #liveyourtruth. 

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